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New Media Technologies Challenge the Legal Definition of Privacy

Smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are filled with individuals’ highly personal data including emails, photos, contact data, financial, and medical information.

It is the type of private material that was previously kept in one’s residence; such material was precisely the kind that was contemplated by the drafters of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

However, since technology appears to be outpacing legal reasoning, some courts have rejected the idea that during an arrest, the information contained within a smart phone would require a warrant prior to the search of its contents.

An Excerpt From the Legal Survival Show

Free Guide to Reverse Mortgages


Reverse mortgages can be a valuable tools for financial security planning, but they also can be dangerous if you don’t understand fully how they work or deal with the wrong kind of people who market them.

If your property has a higher value than what is owed on the reverse mortgage at the time of your death, your heirs can sell the property, pay off the reverse mortgage and split the remaining proceeds.

As Featured on the Legal Survival Show: Medicare Fact vs. Fiction

For those who think Medicare is a sacred program that needs to be saved, there are some disturbing truths which are being conveniently swept under the rug in the name of politics. Medicare now exists in name only. Over the past decade it has morphed into a bloated, bankrupt system that has fooled seniors into thinking that the money they put into the system would be spent on their healthcare needs. In fact, the money that has been put into the Medicare trust fund has been steadily raided by Congress to use for everything except the health of seniors. Couple this with the fact that there are more people becoming eligible for Medicare while the labor force used to fund it is shrinking, and you have conditions that mix to form the perfect recipe for the Ponzi scheme that it has become. EXCEPT: FOR MORE CLICK HERE

A Safe Internet – Free Family Guide

A new guide from the Federal Trade Commission gives valuable advise to keep your family safe on the internet.

Click here to read the report.

Credit Freeze Information (Also known as a “Security Freeze”)

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information, like your name, Social Security number, or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud.

In the credit origination process, access to a credit report is critical for a lender to make a risk assessment. Because a credit freeze effectively stops access to the credit report, it places a block in the process of issuing credit.

Lenders typically require access to the borrower’s credit report before issuing a loan in the borrower’s name. If lenders cannot see the borrower’s credit report, it is unlikely the lender will issue a loan in the borrower’s name.